The monthly prize draw:

Refer friends/acquaintances to register with us on our website in order to enter our monthly prize draw where you stand the chance to win illustrious prizes on offer!
We will be awarding each month to lucky winners either prizes from our inventory or bonuses to boost your statistical chances of success towards the next prize draw.

The following competition rules apply dictating that:
  • the prize draw is open to anybody who has a registered account with Hurtaly;
  • the prizes may change from drawing to drawing;
  • entry to the prize draw is free of charge;
  • entries must be received by the closing date, which is always by midnight on the last day of the calendar month;
  • for each entry to be successful, referrals submitted must culminate in legitimate registered accounts with Hurtaly;
  • referrals post-dating registered accounts will be dismissed as invalid entries;
  • one ticket is generated per each fulfilled referral, ad infinitum;
  • drawing will roll over to the following month whenever the threshold target of one thousand entrants is not met;
  • except for those awarded, all tickets accumulated will be reset to null following each new prize draw;
  • winners of the prize draw will be selected at random;
  • IP addresses are collected and verified to curb cheating;
  • any cheats found will be disqualified.

All eligible entrants will have their tickets cast into a receptacle wherefrom five lucky winners will be drawn. Winners will be announced privately by newsletter, whose identities will be published pursuant to their permission. Live data is withheld from the public domain during ongoing competition in the interests of providing equal opportunities to all participants.